Gallery Submission Guidelines


All submissions must represent the actual artwork as closely as possible. If your work is misrepresented or poorly presented, it will not be accepted.

Macon Arts Alliance exhibits all forms of artwork including photography, paintings, drawings, mixed media, fabric art, jewelry, ceramics, and glass.

Submissions should be made digitally by email to Sierra Bush –

● Send at least three images for consideration.

● Send only one image of each two-dimensional piece.

● You may send up to 3 images of each three-dimensional piece.

● Digital files should be labeled with your name and title of the work.

● Images should not be watermarked

Submission images are for the Gallery to decide which artwork will be accepted. You may also be asked to bring in a physical example of your work.

If your work is accepted, Macon Arts Alliance reserves the right to decline any piece for any reason – generally work that is improperly framed, excessively large, or too expensive. Our goal is to sell your work!

An artist statement, CV, resume or biography should be emailed with your submission along with a document with a short description of each piece, including medium, size and price.

Accepted work will be photographed by Macon Arts Alliance and may be offered online at . Work displayed at the Gallery or offered online may not be sold by you or others for the duration of the contract (generally three months).

Accepted work:

● Two-dimensional work must be framed (unless stretched canvas or mounted panel), WIRED, ready to hang, titled and priced. A business card should be attached to the back of each piece.

● We no longer accept unframed prints. We will not accept giclee prints.

● Three-dimensional work must be labeled with the artist’s name.

● If you have a card, please leave us a few so that patrons who purchase your work or are interested in your work can learn more about you.

● Contracts are generally for three months. At the end of the contract, you will be contacted to pick up your work, extend the contract, or bring new pieces.

● Work not picked up 9 months after the expiration of a contract becomes the property of Macon Arts Alliance.

Monthly gallery exhibitions are by invitation only and are generally scheduled a year or more in advance.